Clemens Grassmann


Clemens Grassmann is a unique musician focusing on drums and composition. At Pueblo FX, we are proud to have him as a featured artist. Our go to engineer, David Cardona, has made this collaboration possible by utilizing a prototype of our signature pedal “Raíz”, in Clemens’ debut album “Labyrinths and Tales”, and we’re glad he did.

Clemens has collaborated and performed with some of the world’s most talented and influential musicians, including Antonio Sanchez, Joe Lovano, Danilo Pérez, John Patitucci and Victor Wooten, among others. Currently based in New York, Clemens regularly performs at many legendary venues for creative music, such as Rockwood Music Hall and ShapeShifter Lab. Aside from his solo work and feature appearances, Clemens is also the drummer for the acclaimed rock band “Swanky Tiger”, where a different facet of his drumming can be appreciated in a more traditional rock format.

He has toured North America and Europe with multiple acts, and we are happy to announce his upcoming tour in the Middle East, with prominent musician Yousif Yaseen. Clemens is one of the few who have been able to craft his life in function of his love and passion, turning what seemed to be a fun hobby into a prosperous professional career, enabling him to travel the world and share experiences with some of the greats.

His education has taken him from Germany to Cuba, and more recently to the United States, where he completed his education at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). All these places have enriched Clemens’ art by exposing him to a wide array of musical genres, but most importantly, to multiculturalism and foreign traditions, which can be appreciated throughout his playing and writing, interweaving traditional percussion styles and cutting-edge jazz. Because of his artistry and outstanding musicianship, he became the 2015 recipient of the Armand Zildjian Percussion Award.

In 2016, Clemens released his debut album as a frontman, “Labyrinths and Tales”, recorded at Soundscape Studios (Boston, MA), where mixing engineer, sound designer and electronic music producer David Cardona, was introduced to him. Their collaboration would bring a new flavor to the excellent performances by adding tasteful effects and sound design to the mix. “Labyrinths and Tales” exposes Clemens’ writing and leadership capacities at their best, showing a high level of compositional expertise, tasteful arrangements, immersive sound textures, and a peaceful yet wild convergence of conventional/non-conventional jazz, Latin American rhythms and instrumentation, and an unusual approach to electronics in jazz.

While the mixing process was happening, David was also testing a prototype of our very own “Raíz” pedal, and the warm and evolving capacities of the overdrive/booster can be heard throughout the record, from the subtle warmth that’s added to the beautiful piano introduction of “Hot Ash!” to the teeth of the drum electronics in “Black and White”. Pueblo FX is proud to state that our pedal has had a deep impact on the sonic outcome of the record, and we think you should give it a listen.

We know that Clemens will continue to establish himself as an essential part of the creative and ever-changing music scene, always pushing his art and horizons to the very edge to continue to be critical for the ongoing development of American media and the World’s music industry.

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